What sort of qualification do we offer? Are our qualification accredited? These are some of the questions we have been asked and we will give you some answers here. This school is does offer certificates for each course you complete. Upon completion of each course, simply request your certificate and we will send you a certificate that looks like the one above: We offer more advanced certificates and qualifications for those who choose to do some advanced  School of Prophets Courses which are dedicated to training those with a prophetic calling. For each individual course you complete here, you will earn credits towards our advanced certificates. Here are some of the certificates will receive when you complete some of our more advanced training.
 In order to view the description of each qualification, please click on the "+" signs to expand each box.
This is the equivalent to sons of the prophets. This is person knows the basics of prophetic ministry and can minister prophetically to the body of Christ.
This person is highly qualified and has an in depth and advanced understanding of the prophetic ministry and office. This person is in fact ready for office, pending the Lord’s timing.
This is the equivalent of an ordained minister. This person has completed their QPM and been appointed or placed into prophetic office.
This is just for licensing those who desire to operate under the banner Global Church Ministries Network (GCMNet).
What about accreditation? Our certificates our in-house qualifications and they are not accredited by any institution out there. But we believe that the Holy Spirit validates them through results you see in your life after completion of our courses. If you are looking for a piece of paper just to prove a point, then this might not be for you. However, if you are looking for a Life Changing training then you have come to the right place. Two things set our certifications apart: The Anointing on our teachings and the Quality of our training. We are interested in seeing results in your life. So for example when you complete a course in hearing God's voice series, we are expecting you to hear God's Voice the way you have never experienced it before. And it is the anointing on the teachings that makes the difference. So try us today and you will start an adventure that will change your life for the better.